We at Dr Tai Dental Surgery have seen many cases of wisdom teeth troubles, which we are very happy to solve.

Why would wisdom teeth create problem?

Try to count from your front teeth. Wisdom teeth are the no.8 teeth on each four quandrants of your mouth. That means, for the definite majority people with only 4 of them, the teeth are the last ones tuck at the back most, and patients would encounter two common scenarios: having limited space in the jaw for wisdom teeth to erupt only partially, or not able to let them erupt at all.

The result of only erupting partially and being tuck so far back, means food debris can easily accumulate and colonies of bacteria can grow exponentially. The bacteria, avoiding the force of toothbrushes, starts to infected gums and create deep cavities, and this could sometimes bring big swollen cheeks, swollen glands, ear-aches, head-aches, symptoms of flu and, if left undetected, chronic infection.

Another problem of having limited jaw space means erupting wisdom teeth are very, very likely to disrupt your teeth alignment, ruining appearance or previous orthodontic work. So in most cases we would recommend having them surgically removed, to greatly reduce the likelihood of you having future problem!


We perform our surgical procedures by local anaethestics. Patients will be given post-surgery instructions and kits. Resting for minimum of 2-3 days is usually recommended.